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The Lost Art of Steam Heating

by Holohan, Dan

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This was my first book and a true labor of love. I spent decades studying steam and the work of Dead Men, in both old buildings and on library shelves. I traveled the country, haunting used-book stores, looking for engineering books that held the answers to questions that nagged at me. I was obsessed with this topic, and when I finally sat to write, I poured all that I had learned into this book, and as I wrote, I tried my best to make the words sound good to you - like we were together and having a conversation. I wanted you to know what I know and I wanted you to be able to do what I can do when it comes to old steam systems. This book arrived in 1992 and has since gone though dozens of printings. We've sold it in every state as well as in foreign countries. Steam heat is everywhere there are old buildings, so why shouldn't you be the one with the answers? Dan Holohan


Publication date:
December 31, 1991

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